Upcoming Events

NEW DATE!!!! November 2, 2013 - OhioABDL.com ABDL/AgePlay Party - Click here for more details and to RSVP


Like the banner says, this site is your source for AB & DL events in the Ohio and surrounding area.  Currently the site is being hosted for free, until it gets some more traffic.

The event calendar is open to events all around Ohio and the United States.  Just enter your event info in the forums.  We will then place your event on the calendar with a clickable link to your forum post.

If you require that somebody be a member or submit and application in order to attend the event, then we WILL NOT post your event

Right now the forums are being run out of diapernh.com.

Also read about past events in the News area.

The site is in a constant state up updating; as I am going to try to stay up on the event posts.


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