Where is all the content, it's just this forums

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Where is all the content, it's just this forums

Postby diapernh » Sat Jan 02, 2016 4:38 pm

This community is for registered users ONLY. I have setup the forums so that the content is available to those who have registered.

New users are in a group that is for newly registered users. This group
- Can create new posts in any forum they can see with the exception of the forums like the rules and announcements *
- Can reply to topics with the above exceptions *
- Cannot edit their posts
- Cannot post attachments
- Can Delete their own posts
* Posts will require moderator approval

The newly registered group is not able to see the following forums
- Meeting Place
- All Event forums and sub forums
These forums will open up once you are in the Registered Users group, which happens automatically once you have 10 posts, or when an Admin moves you to that group. Your posts at that point are no longer moderated.

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